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What is Stria Stop?

Stria Stop method is a method that reduces the stretch marks on the body by up to 90% and is a method supported by clinical studies. Stria Stop, using the orthomolecular approach, rhythmic vacuum pressure method and ultrasound technology together, promises to reduce crack marks up to 80% in one session.

Stria Stop method, which is considered as the most successful method among the stretch mark treatments, combines advanced aesthetic technologies with serums and solutions using special actives and is also supported with home use products.

Stria Stop stretch mark removal method is effective in both white and red stretch marks. It is effective in the stretch marks that occur during the growth attacks in adolescence, the traces of stretch marks after pregnancy, the stretch marks that occur after rapid weight gain and loss.

The result obtained from the Stria Stop treatment varies according to the age of the person, the application area and the stage of the cracks. The procedure lasts between 40-60 minutes depending on the size of the area and a minimum course of 3 sessions is recommended, with interval between treatments of 3-4 weeks.

Stria Stop method permanently reduces the visibility of stretch marks. However, it should also be noted that in cases such as birth, rapid gain weight may lead stretch marks to occur again.
Although it is a simple and harmless application, Stria Stop method is not applied to pregnant and breastfeeding women.



How does Stria Stop Method Reduce Stretch Marks?

The Stria Stop ultrasonic stretch mark removal method is implemented in the clinical setting by official Stria Stop certified experts, while clients support the stretch mark removal process with Ministry of Health approved home use products.

Application details; It starts with the maximum penetration of the special professional products that provide reduction of stretch marks thanks to the active substances they contain, under the skin with acoustic oscillation (ultrasound) technology. Afterwards, rhythmic vacuum is performed in the area where there are traces of stretch marks, which increases blood circulation, creates a controlled damage and provides cell renewal. After the procedure, it is observed that the stretch marks become red and this image returns to normal within 5-10 days.

Why Ultrasound (Acoustic Oscillation) is an Important Part of Stretch Mark Removal?

Due to ultrasound technology used in Stria Stop stretch marks removal system, also known as acoustic oscillation technology, the absorption of special active serum and solutions applied to the fractured areas by the skin is increased up to 700% and the effect is seen up to 7 times compared to other methods.

Where can I get Stria Stop?

You can contact us to reach the certified and accredited beauticians and physicians applying Stria Stop ultrasonic crack removal method. 

Stria Stop Treatment Before and Afters

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