Stria Stop

Ultrasonic Stretch Mark Removal

Stria Stop

Home Use Product Kit

Stria Stop Stretch Mark Removal Method should be supported with  home use product kit for 1 month following the treatments. In this way, the result of the Stria Stop method is maximized.

  • Miracle Booster Daily

    Bye Bye To Stretch Marks

    Thanks to its dense active complex, it helps against scars and other aesthetic disorders. This product, which also has anti-oxidant and free radical scavenging properties, is one of the important products recommended for home use after Stria Stop treatment. The active ingredients in the product also help in cellulite and sagging.

  • Advanced Circulation Daily

    Activate the tissue

    This effective solution, which stimulates regional metabolism by increasing blood circulation in the applied area, helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. By activating the blood circulation around the fibrosis tissue that forms the stretch marks, it helps to maximize the outcome after the Stria Stop stretch mark treatment.

  • Biorelief Extra Daily

    Calming and Relaxation

    This product, which has antioxidant and relaxing properties, accelerates the healing process after Stria Stop treatment. Thanks to its high content of active ingredients, it provides a quick relaxation effect and also helps to accelerate the process of normalizing the skin.

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