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In Stria Stop Stretch Mark Removal system, unique solutions are applied to the skin with a special device that incorporates ultrasound and rhythmic vacuum technologies. These solutions have been specially developed for stretch mark removal application.

  • Miracle Stretch Mark Elixir

    Bye Bye To Stretch Marks..

    This special product, which is developed in Eslab R&D Laboratories, helps against stretch marks and other aesthetic concerns thanks to its dense active complex. This product, which also has anti-oxidant and free radical scavenging properties, is one of the most important solutions of Stria Stop method. Since the active ingredients in the product also help in cellulite and sagging, it provides a general quality increase in the region applied with Stria Stop application.

  • Ultrasonic Circulation

    Maximum effect with acoustic oscillation

    This effective solution, which stimulates metabolism by increasing blood circulation in the applied area, helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite, while at the same time providing a regional slimming effect. This product, which is applied in one step of Stria Stop treatment, activates the blood circulation around the fibrosis tissue which cannot renew itself and helps to maximize the result after Stria Stop stretch marks treatment. It also provides subcutaneous heat increase due to the active ingredients it contains and provides preparation for rhythmic vacuum before application.

  • Biorelief Extra

    Relaxation and Calming

    After Stria Stop treatment, it is applied to calm the skin. This antioxidant product can also be applied after other aesthetic procedures. Biorelief Extra helps to accelerate the process of normalization of the skin while at the same time providing rapid relaxation effect thanks to its high content of active ingredients.

  • O2 Booster

    Oxygen effect and regeneration

    One of the important solutions used in Stria Stop stretch mark removal method, O2 Booster, triggers skin renewal besides its antioxidant effect. As it increases the oxygen level in the applied area, it helps to get maximum effect from Stria Stop method.

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